The Logical Perspectives 2021 thematic programme is organized by Steklov International Mathematical Center (SIMC) and the Department of Mathematical Logic at Steklov Mathematical Institute. It will consist of several events that will be held from June 7 till July 8, 2021.

The aim of this programme is to present a panorama of modern research in logic, as well as its applications in other areas such as computer science and philosophy. The format of the events of the programme allows for participation of researchers of all levels, ranging from students and early career researchers to experts in the field. We hope that the programme will create some synergies between researchers working in different areas and will expose students and young researchers to new perspectives of research in logic.

The programme will comprise the following events:

  • LP 2021 Conference, June 7–11
    • This conference will bring together distinguished logicians in order to present their perspectives on the future of the field.
  • LP 2021 Summer School & Workshop, June 14–19
    • These events will focus on computational proof theory, broadly understood. In particular, they will provide early career scientists with an opportunity to attend advanced mini-courses and to present their own work.
  • Formal Philosophy 2021, June 21–23
    • This conference is organized by the Laboratory of Formal Philosophy at HSE. It will focus on applications of methods of mathematical logic to philosophy.
  • Adian 90 Conference, July 5–8
    • This event is dedicated to the 90th birthday of Sergei Adian (1931-2020). It will include talks by specialists in the area of logic, algebra and computation.
The events of the programme will be held either online or in a mixed format — including both virtual and traditional talks. With the exception of Formal Philosophy 2021, the non‑virtual part will take place at Steklov Mathematical Institute in Moscow.



The events are supported by: