If you wish to participate in events of the Logical Perspectives 2021 thematic programme, please fill in this Registration Form.

Apply for support

We offer limited support to attend events of the LP 2021 thematic programme. It gives an opportunity to partially cover travel and accommodation costs related to visiting Moscow, even if you will participate without giving a talk.

If you wish to apply for support, please first register as a participant — see `Registration' — and then send an application letter to with `LP 2021 Support' in the subject line that specifies what kind of support you would like to receive. Furthermore, each application must include the following documents in PDF:

  1. a CV that contains information about your education and publications (if any);
  2. a brief — not longer than one page — description of your research interests in logic and recently obtained results (if any).
The deadline for applying is May 23, 2021.


If you have any further questions about participating in the LP 2021 thematic programme, please send them to with `LP 2021 Questions' in the subject line.