Title Author(s) Abstract
A labelled sequent calculus for HYPE Elio La Rosa PDF
A joint logic of problems and propositions Anastasia Onoprienko PDF
Arithmetical applications of Baaz's generalization method Lorenzo Sauras-Altuzarra PDF
Boxing modal logics Valentin Shehtman PDF
Computer-assisted proofs and mathematical understanding: The case of univalent foundations Andrei Rodin PDF
Definability of graph properties in modal languages Vladislav Slyusarev PDF
Exactly true and non-falsity versions of Deutsch's logic Alex Belikov, Yaroslav Petrukhin PDF
Gentzenizing R Mirjana Ilić PDF
Towards capturing PTIME with no counting construct (but with a version of Hilbert's choice operator epsilon) Eugenia Ternovska PDF
Ideas of metagraph-based types Yuriy E. Gapanyuk, Anatoly Nardid, Dmitry Zuev PDF
Infinitary action logic with exponentiation Stepan L. Kuznetsov, Stanislav O. Speranski PDF
Lindström theorem for predicate intuitionistic logic Grigory Olkhovikov PDF
On a possibility of finite characterizations for Kripke complete non-recursively axiomatizable superintuitionistic predicate logics Dmitrij Skvortsov PDF
On globally sound analytic calculi for quantifier macros Anela Lolic PDF
On multilattice counterparts of MNT4, S4, and S5 Oleg Grigoriev, Yaroslav Petrukhin PDF
On relationship between complexity function and complexity of validity in propositional modal logic Mikhail Rybakov, Dmitry Shkatov PDF
Platform-independent model of fix-point arithmetic for verification of the standard mathematical functions Nikolay V. Shilov, Dmitry Kondratiev PDF
Presburger arithmetic and Visser's conjecture Alexander Zapryagaev PDF
Set theory in the MathSem program Andrey Luxemburg PDF
The distributive full Lambek calculus with modal operators Daniel Rogozin PDF
The number of axioms Juan P. Aguilera, Matthias Baaz, Jan Bydzovsky PDF
Unrefutability by clause set cycles Jannik Vierling PDF